Latium FIFA 22: Which Club is it in the Game?

Photo by EA Sports

Latium FIFA 22 is a new club in the game replacing a mainstay of Serie A football after EA Sports lost naming rights for yet another Italian club.

EA Sports made a big announcement in the leadup to FIFA 22 that it had entered into a new partnership with Serie A for the new Ultimate Team cycle. In doing so, EA Sports announced partnerships with teams and the creation of a new Serie A Player of the Month SBC akin to the other four leagues. Additionally, part of the announcement was that there would be two clubs renamed for FIFA 22.

The first was Bergamo Calcio which represents Atalanta. The second is Latium. So, who is Latium supposed to represent in FIFA 22?

Latium FIFA 22: Which Club is it in the Game?

This is an easy one to figure out. Latium represents Lazio in this year's FIFA. SS Lazio joins Bergamo Calcio, Roma FC and Piemonte Calcio as renamed clubs in the Serie A.

Players might've already noticed the new blue and white badge in FUT when packing items such as Luis Alberto and Ciro Immobile. The good news for Serie A fans that, outside of the four already mentioned, the official names for the rest of the 20 Serie A teams are present.

FIFA 22 is now available.