League of Legends 2023 Honor Rewards

Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

Riot Games has incorporated a League of Legends Honor System over the years that allows players to give credit to their teammates for being helpful, nice, or a great leader in game. These credits that are allotted in the post game lobby will increase everyone's Honor Level, which will help them obtain better rewards.

The Honor System has a total of five levels, with most of the rewards kicking in after reaching the third level. The Honor Rewards have been relatively the same, but there was an interesting addition in 2022.

Here are the 2023 League of Legends Honor Rewards.

League of Legends 2023 Honor Rewards

The only rewards for anyone below Honor Level three is keys and key fragments, which are underwhelming because Honor Level three is the benchmark players need to get to for other priveleges in League of Legends. Specifically, that is the minimum requirement to acquire a Public Beta Environment (PBE) account.

Upon reaching Honor Level three, players will obtain one ward skin, three key fragments, and 300 Blue Essence (BE) or a higher value champion shard. Then, there are three checkpoints before a player can reach Honor Level four. Each checkpoint will include two key fragments and 150 BE or a higher value champion shard.

Upon reaching Honor Level four, players get four key fragments, one emote, and 630 BE or a higher value champion shard. The three checkpoints for this tier will give players two key fragments and 200 BE or a higher value champion shard.

When players finally hit the peak of Honor Level five, they will obtain numerous rewards: Five key fragments, 960 BE or a higher value champion shard, Twitch champion permanent, Warwick champion permanent, Honor Five Token to be used in Honor Five Shop, and a random emote or ward skin. There are no checkpoints for this level, but players will still earn rewards periodically, including three key fragments and 250 BE or a higher value champion shard.

The most recent addition to the Honor Rewards system was the new recall for any player that is currently at least Honor Level three. Players will have this recall whenever one of their teammates honors them at the end of games, but the recall will be permanent once a player reaches Honor Level Five.