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League of Legends Absolution Cinematic Released

Photo by Riot Games

A brand new League of Legends cinematic was released Tuesday, concluding the story of the month-long Sentinels of Light event. The new cinematic, featuring the Ruined King Viego taking on the Sentinels, adds more rich lore to the event and to League of Legends as a whole. Here's what you should know about the cinematic, and the Sentinels of Light event going forward.

League of Legends Absolution Cinematic Released

The new cinematic is five minutes long, and follows the final fight between Viego and Vayne, Senna, Lucian, as well as newcomer Akshan, alongside other Sentinels taking him on. Just like other League of Legends cinematics, fans can expect fluid and crisp animation of their favorite Champions.

"Absolution" concludes the trilogy of cinematics related to the Sentinels of Light event, with the first, "Ruination" releasing all the way back in Jan. 2021. This only teased the event, but still set the story and introduced the big bad Viego. Then, in July, "Before Dawn" debuted as the official beginning of the Sentinels of Light event, spanning across all Riot Games properties, including non-League of Legends properties like Valorant.

As far as future story events for League of Legends, Riot hasn't provided any new information, with their annual mid-year break taking place in August. League of Legends fans should still expect it to be awhile for major events to happen, considering Sentinels of Light was teased back in the beginning of the year, with the event only beginning in proper back in July. Although, players can expect a new Champion to arrive in September: the gloomy yordle Vex.