League of Legends Ahri ASU Release Date

Riot Games

Riot Games announced Ahri's Art and Sustainability Update (ASU) last year, which would provide her with higher quality skins and an upgraded base champion art design. League of Legends players enjoyed an ASU for Caitlyn that released near the end of 2021, which made her character model and skins noticeably improved.

After almost a year of waiting, Riot was finally ready to release the ASU just a few weeks into January. This plan did not see itself through, as there was a social engineering attack that pushed the ASU release back a couple patches.

With this unfortunate delay in the release date, players are wondering when the ASU will be available to test in game.

League of Legends Ahri ASU Release Date

The Ahri ASU will be available when Patch 13.3 comes out, which will also carry the usual balance updates to champions and items. According to the League of Legends official Twitter account, the Ahri ASU and Patch 13.3 should be released in a couple weeks on Feb. 8. After Patch 13.3, the patch updates should return to normal and come out on a biweekly basis.

Players are excited to test out the new Ahri visuals, as they have been waiting almost a full year to see how she looks.