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League of Legends Akshan Build: What Items to Use

These are the item builds to go for when playing Akshan in any match of League of Legends. | Photo by Riot Games
These are the item builds to go for when playing Akshan in any match of League of Legends. | Photo by Riot Games /

League of Legends' newest addition to the roster, Akshan, makes his way to Summoner's Rift for Patch 11.15, and if trying to score some free League Points in solo queue, it's best to know what his build is before heading into ranked matches.

League of Legends Akshan Build: What Items to Use

As per Riot Games' description of Akshan, he is a mid laner who works like a marksman. That said, the gameplay of Akshan thus far has been leaning in favor of an AD carry build that will deal on-hit damage.

Though it is possible to play this champion and have conservative economic choices, if players expect to dominate in the game, it will come at a high cost at times. However, the amount of time it takes for this champion to be truly "online" is drastically short until there are further nerfs to his kit.

Early-game items

  • Doran's Blade: It'd be best to start with a Doran's blade because this champion is based on AD.
  • Noonquiver or Pickaxe: As the core of most ADC builds, trying to rush the Noonquiver is going to be the best item to start delivering some early damage. Of course, not all games go according to plan, and the Pickaxe item may be the best item to get if players are just too far behind in gold to get close to a Noonquiver. The priority is set definitely in Noonquiver.
  • Berserker's Greaves: This one should be a no-brainer, but if one really wants to value the ability haste or movement speed, it's totally understandable to try and go for other boot options. However, the best boots to get for Akshan in most situations will have to be the Berserker's Greaves.
  • (Optional) Tear of the Goddess: If a player likes to experiment around with builds and values Akshan's Avengerang (Q) ability highly, then the Tear of the Goddess may be a good item to use in those situations.

Mid-game Items

  • Kraken Slayer or Immortal Shieldbow: Most situations will call for a Kraken Slayer since Akshan works similar to Vayne. If a player is really far behind or just needs the extra health boost against tanks and bruisers, then Immortal Shieldbow is great to use in those situations as well. There are no right or wrong answers for which item to prioritize, but the situation will help with that decision. Also, do not go Galeforce.
  • Infinity Edge: Considering that Akshan's Comeuppance (R) ultimate ability does damage alongside critical damage modifiers makes an Infinity Edge a very good purchase. The downside to purchasing it is its high cost in the shop, If it can't be bought as a third item, it's not a bad idea to build some of the recipes for it and put it on the back burner until having the necessary funds.
  • Last Whisper items: As he is on-hit, it's ideal to get at least one armor penetration item that will help clear the front line in fights. And the choice to go Lord Dominik's Regards or Serylda's Grudge is up to the player according to the situation.
  • (Optional) The Collector: The Collector is actually a really good item to get in the mid-game, however, if a player is already fully invested in trying to get an Infinity Edge, it may just be too costly unless they're far ahead of the competition. But, by then, if an Akshan is that far ahead to get an Infinity Edge and The Collector, the enemy team will soon surrender.

Late-game Items

  • Guardian Angel: If the game does hit into the later stages, keeping Akshan alive is a big priority as he can resurrect players that are dead. That said, a Guardian Angel only helps in a war of attrition.
  • Rapid Firecannon: Needing some extra range in the last stages of team fights? Rapid Firecannon is definitely the answer. Though Phantom Dancer isn't a bad choice for Akshan, the extra range for Akshan is a lot more helpful than just attacking quicker.
  • Damage or utility: For the last item, it is definitely situational, some instances may require that Akshan have a bit more utility to stay in the fight a little longer. Perhaps, it may be the opposite where a team will need a lot more damage to deal, there is no solidified answer for this, but for a sixth item, mostly anything will work anyways.