League of Legends Aurelion Sol Rework: Best Items to Use

Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

Aurelion Sol was one of the lowest picked champions in League of Legends for a long time, so Riot Games decided to give him a rework to help him become relevant in the current meta.

His rework has finally arrived in the form of a Comprehensive Gameplay Update (CGU), and players have been able to test him out on live servers for the past few days. The rework was attached to Patch 13.3, which saw new skins and an update to Ahri's visuals.

Since the Aurelion Sol CGU is here, it is important for players to know what items are the best to build on him.

League of Legends Aurelion Sol Rework: Best Items to Use

First Item

Rylai's Crystal Scepter - This is the best full item to rush on Aurelion Sol because the passive slow synergizes perfectly with his kit. Utilizing the slow from this item will help Aurelion Sol land more damage from his Breath of Light (Q). The slow also combines well with his Singularity (E), which pulls enemies towards the center and executes them in the center if they are unable to leave it.

Second Item

Rod of Ages - This item is one of the best items in the game for scaling mages, and it helps Aurelion Sol become a similar version to Kassadin in the late game. Rod of Ages will make Aurelion Sol much harder to kill in a fight and will help him never run into any mana issues, not to mention it buffs his damage immensely as well. It is important to avoid rushing this item first because the level this item gives you is better at later levels, since it requires more experience points to level up at higher levels.

Third Item

Sorcerer's Shoes - Purchasing upgraded shoes is usually a good idea to do by this point in the game, but sometimes it may be better to purchase them earlier or later in the game based on whether you are winning or losing lane.

Fourth Item

Archangel's Staff - It is important for players to purchase the Tear of the Goddess component to this item upon their first recall, as it is important for players to start stacking as soon as possible. Although the Archangel's Staff will be delayed, the purchase of this item will be well worth the wait and increase Aurelion Sol's power immensely. This item gives bonus damage based upon the amount of bonus mana a champion has, which synergizes with the items mentioned earlier. It also grants more damage, health, and even provides Ability Haste.

Fifth Item

Zhonya's Hourglass - This is likely one of the strongest items in the game for Ability Power based champions, solely due to the active that allows you to become untargetable and invulnerable for 2.5 seconds. Zhonya's Hourglass can single handedly win team fights for your team, and it allows you to play more aggressive whenever the active is available to you. This provides armor to help Aurelion Sol's sustainability, Ability Power to increase damage, and even more Ability Haste.

Sixth Item

Rabadon's Deathcap - Sometimes players may opt to purchase this for their fifth item instead of their last one, but it is one of the best late game items for mages. This item increases your total Ability Power by 35%, which means it is at max value upon purchasing it later in the game. This item will ensure that you pump out the most damage in every team fight and solidify Aurelion Sol's late game power spike.

Two Situational Items

Void Staff - This item is situational because mages typically only build this if the enemy team is able to stack a lot of magic resist. If there are two tanks on the enemy team and they begin purchasing a lot of magic resist, it is highly recommended for you to fit a Void Staff into the build. This item grants you more damage and 40% magic penetration, which will help you shred through tanks.

Banshee's Veil - This item is typically never built because it is a relatively weak defensive item that lacks value because of all the long range poke within the game currently. If the enemy team has a lot of crowd control, this item can be beneficial to helping Aurelion Sol stay alive longer than he otherwise could have. This item is much more situational than Void Staff, but there are certainly some games where this item has merit based off the enemy's team composition.