League of Legends Black Friday 2022: Will There be Sales?

Courtesy of Riot Games

With Black Friday right around the corner, many League of Legends players are wondering if Riot Games will put out any sales.

Many people use Black Friday as a chance to get the best deals on their favorite items and for fans of Riot Games' hit MOBA League of Legends, players are looking to get great deals on skins.

While there is a weekly selection of skins that go on sale, fans gearing themselves up for Black Friday deals are looking for bigger discounts and are wondering: Will League of Legends be putting on a Black Friday sale?

League of Legends Black Friday 2022: Will There be Sales?

League of Legends fans looking to spend their money on RP or discounted skins will be disappointed to learn that the time of writing, Riot Games has not made any mention of any Black Friday sales that will take place.

While that is not to say that there is no chance of a Black Friday sale happening, Riot Games has a long history of ignoring the first Friday after Thanksgiving. The only guaranteed way players will see a sale will be through the rotating skins and champions that go on sale like usual.

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