League of Legends Champion Tier List: Best Junglers Patch 13.3

League of Legends is a game that has biweekly patch updates to keep the game balanced and ensure a multitude of champions are frequently playable. The meta has been revolving around tanks in the top lane and enchanter supports in the bottom lane, which has gotten a bit stale for players due to the lack of updates during preseason.

The lack of champion diversity per role has not been helped by the cyber attack against Riot Games, which has made patch updates inconsistent. With all this being said, Patch 13.3 is going to shake up the champion power of the most played characters to make room for other characters.

Based off the buffs and nerfs of Patch 13.3, who will be the best junglers to play?

League of Legends Champion Tier List: Best Junglers Patch 13.3

Maokai - His saplings provide a lot of map and vision control, while simultaneously being able to have crowd control and damage. He can also be flex picked to support, which makes him a major pick in competitive.

Udyr - This champion has been strong ever since he got reworked in 2022, and his power level has remained at the upper tier for a long time. He has a fast jungle clear and can deal a lot of damage in team fights.

Wukong - With the change a while ago that allowed Wukong to use his ultimate twice, he became a fairly strong jungle champion. Additionally, the fact his Warrior Trickster (W) can go over walls makes him a highly adept ganker.

Vi - Radiant Virtue has been nerfed this patch affecting Vi's power level a little bit, but the crowd control from her Vault Breaker (Q) and ultimate will keep her afloat in the current meta.

Kindred - This is a more niche pick, but it can be very good into some matchups and enable players to single handedly carry games thanks to Kindred's scaling potential.