League of Legends Patch 13.2 Might be Delayed

Dynasty Ahri Skin
Dynasty Ahri Skin / Photo courtesy of Riot Games

With the new League of Legends season beginning earlier this month, players have been able to experience numerous changes to champions and items.

League of Legends patches typically release every two weeks, which allows the game to feel fresh and balanced whenever players grind the game. The only time that patch updates are not released as scheduled is during holiday seasons, like the recent winter break. With these tendencies in mind, Riot Games may not be able to release the upcoming Patch 13.2 on time.

League of Legends Patch 13.2 Might be Delayed

The new League of Legends patch is supposed to be released this Wednesday on Jan. 25. Riot Games posted on Twitter that Patch 13.2 might get delayed because of a social engineering attack. Thankfully, the released statements indicated that there was not any player data or personal information breached.

Even though the entire patch might not be released on time, Riot Games is still trying to deliver a majority of the changes by Jan. 25. Furthermore, the new Ahri update that was scheduled for Patch 13.2 will likely be delayed. So, players might have to wait for a couple weeks until Patch 13.3 to try the Ahri update.