League of Legends Champions Released in 2009

Courtesy of Riot Games

League of Legends is a game that includes over 160 possible champions to play, which gives it high replay value and keeps players from quitting the game entirely.

Although it has been rumored to be losing a lot of its player base, the game has remained one of the most played games since its release in 2009. Every year, Riot Games makes it a priority to add new characters to the game and keep League of Legends feeling fresh every time a player returns.

Although the amount of new champions per year is much less than it was when the game first released, Riot still tries to put out four or more characters yearly.

League of Legends Champions Released in 2009

2009 included the highest number of champions released by Riot in any year, as they dropped 42 new characters in that time period.

Here are the first 42 characters that were all released in 2009:

  1. Alistar
  2. Annie
  3. Ashe
  4. Fiddlesticks
  5. Jax
  6. Kayle
  7. Master Yi
  8. Morgana
  9. Nunu and Willump
  10. Ryze
  11. Sion
  12. Sivir
  13. Soraka
  14. Teemo
  15. Tristana
  16. Twisted Fate
  17. Warwick
  18. Singed
  19. Zilean
  20. Evelynn
  21. Tryndamere
  22. Twitch
  23. Karthus
  24. Amumu
  25. Cho'Gath
  26. Anivia
  27. Rammus
  28. Veigar
  29. Kassadin
  30. Gangplank
  31. Taric
  32. Blitzcrank
  33. Dr. Mundo
  34. Janna
  35. Malphite
  36. Corki
  37. Katarina
  38. Nasus
  39. Heimerdinger
  40. Shaco
  41. Udyr
  42. Nidalee