League of Legends Clash Mt. Targon Cup Dates

Riot Games

League of Legends Clash is a rotating game mode that allows players to compete against each other with a full premade team, and there are numerous rewards associated with participation. These rewards depend on your team's placement in the bracket and which type of ticket a you use.

Despite a delay in Clash tournaments for the beginning of 2023, the game mode returned last month. Now, Riot Games has released information regarding future clash tournament dates, including the upcoming Mt. Targon Cup.

Here is everything you need to know about the upcoming 2023 League of Legends Clash tournament dates.

League of Legends Clash Mt. Targon Cup Dates

The Mt. Targon Cup Clash tournament is set to begin this weekend on Apr. 8 and Apr. 9, and the registration for this weekend has already begun. So, players can register their teams or find teams until the beginning of the Mt. Targon Cup.

Clash always has two weekends for each cup, so the Mt. Targon Cup will also transpire later this month. This allows people more opportunity to participate in each cup, as they might be busy on one weekend.

The second weekend of the Mt. Targon Cup is set for two weeks after the intial tournament, which means it will transpire on Apr. 22 and Apr. 23.