League of Legends Heartache and Heartthrob Skins Release Date

Riot Games

League of Legends has always been beloved for the new champion skins that are frequently released throughout each season. Numerous players have given praise to the skins because they just continue to improve over time.

Riot Games has already released a few new skin lines for Season 13, including Mythmaker skins for Lunar Revel 2023. In addition to these skins, Riot has announced a new set of skins that involve a romantic and Valentine's Day theme with them.

When will these new skins be released and available to try in game?

League of Legends Heartache and Heartthrob Skins Release Date

The new League of Legends Heartache and Heartthrob skins are set to release alongside Patch 13.3, which should be released on Feb. 8. This timeline will give players plenty of time to purchase the skin ahead of Valentine's Day and see whether they enjoy it.

The new skins will be available for Amumu, Vi, and Caitlyn. Amumu is the lone Heartache skin, which makes sense based on the game's lore. Meanwhile, Caitlyn and Vi get the Heartthrob skins because of their romantic interest in each other according to the lore.

These new skins should be popular and will likely increase the play rates for all three of these champions.