League of Legends Patch 10.13 Jungle Tier List

Volibear is Patch 10.13's best jungler
Volibear is Patch 10.13's best jungler / Image via Riot Games

League of Legends Patch 10.13 Jungle Tier List has seen the jungle meta change a little after Riot Games' buffs to Volibear.

Most of the currently viable junglers are extremely self-sufficient and seem to fit the brawler mold which places a premium on dueling ability. Generally, the junglers who can contest objectives with minimal help and win one on one fights find themselves in the upper tiers while most assassin and tank picks feel weaker at the moment. Find out which picks are the most effective to climb your way through solo queue.

League of Legends Patch 10.13 Jungle Tier List

S Tier - Volibear, Graves, Fiddlesticks, Wukong

Spotlight: Volibear

Volibear's rework kit felt like it had immense potential at first, but his 42% win rate in the jungle made it clear that he was severely under-tuned. After a round of buffs in Patch 10.12, Volibear's win rate climbed an astounding 11%. Volibear's ability to act as both a front line presence and a dive threat make him a nightmare to deal with. There are very few situations where the current Volibear feels out of place and his versatility makes him this patch's best pick in the jungle.

A Tier - Ekko, Olaf, Zac, Lee Sin, Kayn, Nunu

Spotlight: Zac

Zac is very unique in Patch 10.13 as he is one of the only pure tanks that excels in the jungle. Zac combines his ability to survive immense amounts of damage with his utility laden kit. Zac's Elastic Slingshot (E) remains one of League of Legends' best engage tools and gives him limitless gank potential. Zac just misses the S tier because of his inability to produce consistent damage and relies on teammates to kill the targets he is able to lock down.

B Tier - Shyvana, Rammus, Rengar, Kha'Zix, Sejuani

Spotlight: Rengar

Ever since the updated elemental drake system, the jungle has been tough for assassin picks. Since Season 10 places such a premium on securing dragons, the meta has steered towards junglers who can clear efficiently and win skirmishes at the scuttle crabs and take control of the dragon pit. Picks such as Rengar are still effective, but require the right team composition to succeed. In solo queue, its best to aim for picks that are less reliant on their team for help in order to secure objectives.