League of Legends Patch 10.15 Expected Changes

List of expected changes for League of Legends Patch 10.15
List of expected changes for League of Legends Patch 10.15 / Image via Riot Games

League of Legends Patch 10.15 is expected to make key changes to a number of champions, including Swain and Aphelios. According to Riot Scruffy, several champions will be receiving balance changes, although the changes are unknown besides Swain, Skarner, and Aphelios. Lets take a look at which changes Riot is lining up for Patch 10.15!

League of Legends Patch 10.15 Buffs

Spellthief's Edge







Crystal Slash (Q)

  • Damage: 33-45% tAD >>> .15 tAD (+1-3% target's Max Health)
  • Empowered Bonus Damage: 33-45% tAD and +.3 AP >>> .15 tAD (+1-3% target's Max Health) +.3 AP
  • Empowered Buff duration: 4 >>> 5
  • Mana cost: 10/11/12/13/14 >>> 15

Fracture (E)

  • [REMOVED] Missile no longer loses travel speed after hitting enemies

These changes are a nice buff intended to make Skarner duel tankier targets better. Currently, Skarner can struggle against targets with more health as he can't damage them quick enough in order to win the trade. This change introduces percent health damage on Crystal Slash (Q) which should improve his ability to duel brawlers and tanks.


Base Stats

  • Movement Speed: 335 >>> 325

Ravenous Flock (Passive)

  • Cooldown: 12-6 >>> 10
  • Now scales with CDR
  • [REMOVED] Mana restore

Death's Hand (Q)

  • Cooldown: 10-4 >>> 9-3
  • Bolt angle: 10 >>> 8 degrees (narrower cone)
  • [NEW] Q bolts pass through champions

Vision of Empire (W)

  • Range: 3500 >>> 5500-7500
  • Damage: 100-300 >>> 80-240
  • Mana cost: 70-130 >>> 70-110

Nevermove (E)

  • Cooldown: 13-9 >>> 10
  • Mana cost: 60-80 >>> 50

These buffs are intended to push Swain back into the meta as he has seen very low play rates recently. These buffs will help him in both mid lane and as a support as they give him more utility and the ability to use his abilities more often. Riot has nerfed the damage on Vision of Empire (W) while also decreasing the cooldown time with the intention of making it more of a scouting tool as opposed to a part of Swain's combos. Perhaps the most underrated change is that Death's Hand (Q) will now pass through enemy champions. If enemies clump up, Swain has the potential to deal a devastating amount of damage. This change will make him an absolute terror to fight in choke points and has the potential to bring Swain back into the mid lane meta.

Patch 10.15 Nerfs

Summoner Spellbook


Lee Sin

Fiddlesticks (tank build)

Twisted Fate



  • Intend to nerf turret ''spin up'' time (time before it shoots once activated)

This is a fairly basic change to Aphelios as its intended to prevent Aphelios from throwing his turret down as a part of his combo. The turret is designed to control waves and be used as a defensive tool, but the turret activates too quickly which has led players to use it offensively. This change will bring the ability more in line with its intended use.