League of Legends Patch 10.22 Mid Lane Tier List

League of Legends Patch 10.22 Mid Lane Tier List
League of Legends Patch 10.22 Mid Lane Tier List / Photo courtesy of Riot Games

League of Legends Patch 10.22 will release on Oct. 28 bringing with it a few changes that will shake up the mid lane tier list. Zed has been leading the mid lane list, but patch 10.22 will nerf him in order to bring his dominance back in check. LeBlanc on the other hand has dropped significantly on the tier list is receiving a buff in hopes to bring her back up. Let's take a look at what we can expect from the mid lane with patch 10.22.

Mid Lane S Tier

Although Zed's Shadow Slash (E) is getting nerfed, he will certainly remain at the top of mid lane. His mobility and escapes are too effective for this slight nerf to send him down the tier list. Joining him in S tier are other assassins with good engages and escapes. Kassadin, Fizz, and Katarina stand alongside Zed in the mid lane S tier and will continue to dominate.

Mid Lane A Tier

The mid lane A tier has a deeper variety of champion styles. Talon and Diana fall to A tier assassins because of their lack of a reliable escape after a full engage. Yone and Yasuo sit in the A tier and are joined with mages Lux and Vel'Koz. These champions are strong mid laners, but lack quick escapes and are not quite as fast to rotate to side lanes and help their team relative to the S tier champions.

Mid Lane B Tier

In the mid lane B tier we find a lot more mages that can certainly dominate their lanes, but lack the ability to rotate fast enough to give side lanes a true advantage. Anivia, Aurelion Sol, and Xerath each face their own problems with rotations. Anivia and Xerath can clear waves quickly, but lack mobility to get to other lanes and can be caught out easily. Aurelion Sol and get to side lanes extremely fast, but lacks a fast wave clear. With the buff to LeBlanc, I think she will make her way back up to B tier and be a stronger option.