League of Legends Patch 10.23 Mid Lane Tier List

Mid Lane Tier List
Mid Lane Tier List / Riot Games

With Patch 10.23 on the horizon, it's hard to tell which champions will stay prominent and which could fall off. In term of Mid Lane, it's even harder since there's so much flexibility. However, Mid Lane is arguably the most important lane since it determines who controls the center of the map. This means that Mid Lane Champions need to be well rounded in terms of damage output, lane priority, and vision control. With that in mind, here's a tier list for Mid Lane in the upcoming patch.

League of Legends Patch 10.23 Mid Lane Tier List

S Tier - Galio and Yone

Galio and Yone are at the top of the list for a few reasons. Both can clear minion waves pretty easily, making it easier for them to roam around the map and gain vision control. Both can build armor items, making it hard to chunk through their health. Both have good zoning abilities, making it hard for opponents to get in and do damage. Lastly, they both are pertinent in team fights. Galio can knock up and stun opponents, and Yone's passive makes his potential damage output insane.

A Tier - Orianna, Zed, Talon and Fizz

Orianna, Zed, Talon and Fizz are all good in their own rights, but have slight downsides. Orianna is well rounded and can be massive in team fights, but is slower than a lot of her counterparts. Zed can clear lanes fast and carries a lot of kill potential, but needs a setup in order to execute. Talon can roam around the map very easily, but will be outranged by most other mid lane champions. Fizz can also roam around the map with a lot of kill potential, but can also be zoned out in lane.

B Tier - Ekko, Zoe and Twisted Fate

Ekko, and Zoe all have similar kits that put them in this tier. Each of them have a zoning spells and another spell that can help them clear waves. They're also very mobile and hard to pin down. However, they are both very squishy. If you do catch them, it's likely going to be a kill. Twisted Fate also fits in this tier because of how well rounded he is. However, the random chance of a Gold Card for extra damage and the random chance at extra gold make it hard to be consistent.