League of Legends Patch 11.14 Patch Preview Deep Dive

Akali is taking a hit from the nerf hammer in Patch 11.14
Akali is taking a hit from the nerf hammer in Patch 11.14 / Riot Games

It's about that time for another League of Legends Patch Preview. 11.14 is on the horizon, set to release on July 8.

League of Legends Patch 11.14 Patch Preview Deep Dive

Akali getting hit hard

"Q can no longer be cast during E; R Min damage down 75-215 >>> 60-200; R Max damage down 225-645 >>> 180-600."

Akali's upcoming changes for Patch 11.14 is going to lower her power and priority as a must-pick in pro play a little bit. You can no longer drive-by attack with your Q while you are mid-flight in your E, a powerful tool that made Akali that much more slippery.

Additionally, the initial damage from her R1 has been lowered, as well as the max execute damage from her R2.

Assassins are (finally) on a down trend with Patch 11.14, likely with future nerfs hitting the class with later patches.

Laning Nocturne takes a hit in power

"Passive is now 50% effective on minions."

Solo lane Nocturne, whether its Top or Mid has been a powerful solo queue pick, and an excellent pick in many comps for pro play. Seems Nocturne is getting a bit of the Pyke treatment, as Nocturne's pushing power with the AoE cleave on his passive helped him shove to get outside of his lane and roam with his ultimate, the main reason you pick this champion.

Some love to the underrepresented

Champions that haven't had the spotlight in a little bit like Rek'Sai, Illaoi, Taric, and Garen have had some tweaks to them that should make them feel a little better to play with.

Illaoi's 10 increased base move speed when buying boots should make her feel a lot speedier, allowing you to get around the map, and hit key targets with your E somewhat easier. The Stridebreaker nerfs and Illaoi's tough matchups will still keep her down, so it's unlikely that 10 move speed will make her a titan of a pick, but it's one step in the right direction.

Reductions in mana cost to Taric's Q and E should help out his lane phase a little, and give him more windows to take the fights he wants to.

Barely any item changes

"Dead Man's Plate: 40 >>> 45 Armor"

Dead Man's Plate is the only item in Patch 11.14 to see changes, which kind of makes sense seeing as a load of items have been getting tweaked with or majorly changed for many, many patches now.

Dead Man's Plate seems to be one of the lower priority picked armor items, unless you are a specific handful of a couple dozen champs, or so.

League of Legends Patch 11.14 Patch Preview Deep Dive

Patch 11.14 is looking to be an interesting one, we will see how the changes fully impact the Rift once the patch drops on July 8.