League of Legends Assassin Meta is Headed for a Downfall in 11.14

Elderwood Nocturne Splash Art
Elderwood Nocturne Splash Art / courtesy of Riot Games

League of Legends assassins will continuously receive nerfs by directly changing champions stats or by adjusting their items.

Jeevun "Jag" Sidhu has brought League of Legends 11.13 patch previews last night on Tuesday. As promised earlier, Riot Games has made adjustments for assassins.

There are two assassins getting a nerf, Akali and Nocturne. In terms of Nocturne especially, he currently has an insane win rate and has been asking for a nerf. Irelia is not an assassin, but she is getting adjustments based on the current assassin meta which has brought changes to mid lane gameplay.

League of Legends Assassin Meta has Dominated Season 11

It has been over five months since League of Legends Season 11 has started. Frequently ranked players can all agree that in 2021 so far, Summoner's Rift has been ruled by assassins.

Riot Games has been focusing on champions with fast feet. Relatively new champions such as Viego, Gwen, and Samira all have dashes or skills granting mobility. Akshan, who will be released soon, has also been notified to be a mid laner with great mobility.

Midlane winrate in Patch 11.13
Midlane winrate in Patch 11.13 / courtesy of LoLAnalytics

Original champions such as Nocturne, Katarina, Sylas, and Kassadin have been keeping the highest win rates overall. Nocturne has a 63.30% win rate, according to LoLAnalytics.

This was recently voiced on a Reddit post and went viral with 2K comments. The post pointed out how mid lane win rate is dominated by assassins. As mid laners or junglers, they have been roaming throughout the map to seek for picks.

League of Legends Assassin Meta is Headed for a Downfall in 11.14

Fortunately, the developers of Riot Games have been keeping an eye on the assassin meta. Riot Jag previously mentioned they will be fixing this situation and has done so.

In Patch 11.12, Talon and Wukong both received nerfs.

In Patch 11.13, Prowler's Claw was nerfed, as well as mobility creeps. Changes for Prowler's Claw have shown to be effective as Quiana, Zed, and Talon are still struggling with their Mythical Items.

More than half of Season 11 has passed. Riot Games has slowly started to bring changes to the assassin meta. We will have to wait and see if Katarina and Sylas will also be nerfed, or any other changes planned ahead for us.