League of Legends Patch 12.10: Baron Nashor, Drake and Turret Changes

Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

In League of Legends Patch 12.10, almost all champions were affected by Riot Games' hope to increase durability to reduce what many would call the "Too Much Damage" problem. Champions aren't the only thing affected, however; many aspects of the game have been tweaked to help Riot's goal of making all parts of the game experience durable. This includes Baron Nashor, Drakes and Turrets.

Baron Nashor, Drake, and Turret Changes in League of Legends Patch 12.10

Baron Nashor has received buffs in this patch, with increases to its attack damage and magic damage. However, it has also been updated.

  • Attack damage increased from 125 (+8 per minute) to 150 (+10 per minute.)
  • Minimum attack damage increased from 435 to 520 at 40 minutes.
  • Void Corruption magic damage increased from 60 (+20% AD) to 70 (+20% AD).
  • Baron will wait 30 seconds after taking damage before being able to "level up" and gain stats and health.

Mountain Drake and Ocean Drake bonuses have both received nerfs.

Mountain Drake

  • Mountain Dragon Soul: Shield decreased from 200 (+18% bonus AD, +13% AP, and +13.5% bonus health) to 180 (+16% bonus AD, 12% AP, and +12% bonus health).

Ocean Drake

  • Oceanic Will: Stacking buff. Health regeneration decreased from 2.5/5/7.5/10% to 2/4/6/8% missing health per Ocean Drake slain.
  • Ocean Drake Soul: Heal decreased from 160 (+36% bonus AD, +22.5% AP, and +9% bonus health) to 130 (+26% bonus AD, +17% AP, and +7% bonus health).

Turrets have all been buffed.

  • Outer Turret AD: Increased from 152-278 to 167-391 (minutes 0:00-13:30)
  • Inner Turret AD: Increased from 170-305 to 187-427 (minutes 0:00-13:30)
  • Inhibitor Turret AD: Increased from 170-305 to 187-427 (minutes 0:00-13:30)
  • Nexus Turret AD: Increased from 150-285 to 165-405 (minutes 0:00-13:30)

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