League of Legends Patch 13.7 Release Date

Riot Games

League of Legends regularly releases patch updates every two weeks, as Riot Games tries to balance the power level of more than 160 characters at the same time. Although the community dislikes many of the patches because they lack nerfs or buffs for certain champions, the continuous updates help balance the game over time.

The new support champion Milio was released in Patch 13.6, and there was a new skin set called Faerie Court that became available one day after the patch. Even with these major changes to the game, Riot will have more buffs and nerfs next week. Additionally, players will be able to access the new April Fool's skins one day after the patch releases.

League of Legends Patch 13.7 Release Date

There should be a list of buffs and nerfs released later this week, as Riot provides the community with information to see their reaction to planned changes. Since Patch 13.6 came out last week, players can expect Riot to release Patch 13.7 next Wednesday on Apr. 5.

There has been a meta switch in recent weeks, as the melee support buff has made Thresh a highly picked champion at support. This is a welcomed change by the community because it offers a bit of diversity from the heavy enchanter meta.