League of Legends April Fool's Skins Release Date

Riot Games

League of Legends includes a myriad of champions for players to try out, and provides multiple skin releases for every champion in the game. Recently, Riot Games has done a great job in releasing new skins regularly. There have already been five skin sets released this year alone, with a sixth set becoming available tomorrow.

Every year on April Fool's Day, Riot tends to make a silly change to their games and release a new skin line. This year is no different, as there have been four new skins announced by Riot that will release in a couple weeks.

Here is the official release date for the League of Legends April Fool's Skins.

League of Legends April Fool's Skins Release Date

The April Fool's skins will become available for players one day after Patch 13.7 releases. Since Patch 13.6 came out today, this means players have slightly more than two weeks before the new skins are purchasable in the store.

The champions that will be acquiring a skin in this set include: Kindred, Yuumi, Kled, and Nidalee.

Players can look forward to these skins, as they are centered around a cats and dogs theme.