League of Legends Rainbow Trail: How to Get

corutesy of Riot Games

The Rainbow Trail effect in League of Legends can be done by using one of the Pride Icons.

Pride Icons have made a return with the League of Legends Pride event to show support for LGTBQIA+ across all games of Riot Games. Full information about the event can be found in this article.

This year in League of Legends, there will be a new poro icon and two new emotes, but the highlight has always been the Rainbow Poro Icons.

League of Legends Rainbow Trail: How to Get

courtesy of Riot Games

These seven poro icons can be found in the League of Legends client store under 'Summoner Icons' for one blue essence. Using one of these icons will give a rainbow effect to players in the beginning of games.

As provided in the video above, each icon will have a different set of colors coming out. The rainbow one that Annie has is the second one to the top right from the image posted above.