League of Legends Season 12 Ranked Split 3 End Date

Lux Splash Art
Lux Splash Art / Courtesy of Riot Games

League of Legends Season 12 will be ending on Nov. 14, giving players just a few more days to rank up before the preseason and Season 13 arrive.

While it no doubt changed the way that many people play the game, Season 12 will be ending just in time for the preseason where Riot Games will test out their new ideas for the upcoming season 13 launch early next year.

For players trying to win a little bit of extra LP before the ranked split ends but don't know when exactly that is, worry not.

Here is everything we know about the end of Season 12 and the ranked split.

League of Legends Season 12 Ranked Split 3 End Date

Players will have until Nov. 14 to grind through ranked before the final split of Season 12 is over and the League of Legends community is officially introduced to the preseason for Season 13.

Fans should ideally try and reach gold before the split ends as this is the only way to ensure that you receive this year's victorious skin for Sejuani.

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