League of Legends Season 2023 Placement Matches Explained

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League of Legends Season 2023 has begun, and everyone is excited to have a soft reset on the ranked system. This soft reset means that everyone must play ten ranked games called placement matches to acquire a rank. In addition to the ranks resetting, players can rejoice that their matchmaking rating (MMR) is also soft reset. Having a good MMR is imperative to gaining more LP per win and losing less LP per loss.

As everyone begins their ranked journey for the 2023 season, there are a lot of questions about placement matches.

League of Legends Season 2023 Placement Matches Explained

Placement matches are a key component to the start of every ranked season. As mentioned earlier, everyone must play 10 games before receiving an official rank that is visible to other players. A player will not lose LP when losing a placement, and they will gain much more LP than normal. Additionally, there is not a promotional series when advancing to the next ranked tier during placement matches. Therefore, a player will want to win a majority of their placement matches in order to acquire an optimal starting rank.

A key thing to note with placement matches is that a player will likely be placed a full tier lower than they finished last season, which is completely normal. Additionally, a player will not be able to exceed Platinum I during the placement matches, even if they were ranked Master+ tier. One new change to the 2023 ranked season was the addition of a second split, which will include another soft reset of MMR and rank. This means that players will undergo another series of placement matches after the midway point of the new season.

Although players will have to grind to get back to their rank from the previous season, the soft reset to MMR will help them climb a little easier. With all these new changes, everyone is ecstatic to test them out and play for a higher rank than last year.