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League of Legends Shurima Champions Lore, Full List

The Sun Disc
The Sun Disc / courtesy of Riot Games

In the deserts of Shurima, we are presented with nine League of Legends champions.

The Empire of Shurima, also known as the Fallen Desert Empire, was once one of the strongest Nations in Runterra. According to the world map, Shurima is a massive desert located in the Southern hemisphere.

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Shurima was once a thriving civilization. As big as the nation was, the fall was also quick. Empire Azir was betrayed by his closest friend Xerath, the evil destroyer.

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Thousands of years passed and Azir and Xerath both became myths. Sivir and Cassiopea brings Azir, Xerath, and Renekton back to life and Azir hopes to rebuild Shurima.

Yet recently, a dark power has surrounded the desert and people are in darkness once again. We will have to see how Runterra will fight against the Ruined King.

League of Legends Shurima Champions

There are a few champions who joined the League of Legends and these champions are all closely linked to each other. ENine champions identify Shurima as their home nation. A tenth champion may be joining soon but we cannot be too sure about Akshan yet.

1. Amumu

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Amumu is a sad and lonely mummy in search of a friend. Nobody is sure who he is, but one thing we know that he was cured to be alone. Some say that he was the first prince of Shurima, others say he was a chief Yordle.

2. Azir

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As mentioned earlier, Azir was once the Emperor of Shurima. He once died but was raised back to life by the blood of Sivir-his descendant. Azir is the main character of Shurima as the "good" character fighting Xerath. He hopes to raise his nation back to its old glory.

3. Nasus

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Nasus is known as the curator of the Sands. He is ascended, meaning he was once human but was magically altered by magic. Renekton, his brother, and Azir are also ascended. Nasus is an ancient heroic figure who is known to be smart and wise.

4. Rammus

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Rammus is an unknown creature who is praised by some and feared by others. Whatever the truth may be, Rammus keeps rolling down the desert. He is certainly a wise figure because people come asking him for advice, and those who receive his blessing have experienced great turning points in their lives.

5. Renekton

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Unlike his brother, Renekton is the icon of terror and rage. He used to be Shurima's best warriors but was brainwashed by Xerath. Now he is consumed wtih finding and killing Nasus. According to Renekton, his brother is the reason why he was in darkness.

6. Sivir

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Born and raised in Shurima, Sivir is the only human figure. She has a painful past of her entire family being slain by an infamous tribe. She grew up as an orphan who stole food from local markets. Sivir is now a famous commander of Shurima who makes sure to charge her clients.

7. Skarner

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Skarner is an immense crystalline scorpion hiding in the valleys in Shurima. They are an age-old race known as the Brackem that goes long before the rise of Shurima. The powerful life crystals in their back holds the living thoughts and memories of their ancestors, granting them Skarner great wisdom.

8. Taliyah

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Taliyah is a nomadic mage from Shurima. She traveled from Targon to Noxus and to Ionia, where she met her teacher Yasuo. When she heard that Azir came back to life, she decided to return and protect her family because Azir has been known for keeping slaves.

9. Xerath

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Xerath is described as one of the deadliest and most evil villains in the League of Legend lore. He was born as an unnamed slave thousands of years ago, but has ascended and become a mage. He was buried by Renekton and Nasus but Cassiopea and Sivir broke his seal. He is dreaming to conquer the world once again.