LEAK: Apex Legends Storm Point Map Changes

Changes are coming to Storm Point in Apex Legends.
Changes are coming to Storm Point in Apex Legends. / Respawn Entertainment

A new Apex Legends leak suggests that Storm Point will receive map changes in Season 18.

Apex Legends always delivers new content with a new season in the form of map changes, cosmetics, or new Legends. Season 17 introduced Ballistic to the game, as well as new Ranked system changes that negatively impacted the Battle Royale. More players are currently in Masters than in the game's entire history.

Little is known about Apex Legends Season 18 so far, but reliable leaker, HYPERMYST, released a teaser video hinting at a few alterations coming to Storm Point in August 2023.

Leak: Apex Legends Storm Point Map Changes

According to leaked intel, Storm Point will undergo map changes in Apex Legends Season 18 due to severe weather conditions. The video showcases four weather alert warnings that all culminate into an "extreme weather alert."

The alert reads, "Severe storm inbound. Evacuation issued for all areas. Seek immediate shelter. Prevention systems have failed. This is not a drill."

The teaser then goes to show more weather data, including wind speeds up to 122 mph. The eye of the storm seems to center on the southeast of Storm Point. The following POIs could be at risk for a potential change:

  • Fish Farm
  • Antenna
  • Gale Station
  • Launch Pad

We will have to wait until Respawn Entertainment releases more information about the new season to confirm if Storm Point is indeed receiving new POIs.