LEAK: Tactical Sprint Nerfed in Fortnite Chapter 5

Sprinting might be nerfed in Fortnite Chapter 5.
Sprinting might be nerfed in Fortnite Chapter 5. / Epic Games

Fortnite Chapter 5 is still a few months away, but recent leaks are already revealing some massive gameplay changes, including a nerf to tactical sprinting.

As the Fortnite community focuses their attention on the exciting new heist-themed season of Epic Games' Battle Royale, more and more leaks are beginning to expose the drastic changes coming in Fortnite Chapter 5. We already know some sort of Racing Mode is set to launch at the end of the year with customizable vehicles and its own Battle Pass.

Leaks have also teased the complete destruction of the current Fortnite map. Dr. Slone is working on a risky plan to escape The Last Reality, and it just might bring her (and everyone else) to the moon. The constant crescent moons throughout Chapter 4 Season 4 seem to support the theory.

Now, a new leak from X user, GMatrixGames, reports that Fortnite movement will undergo some changes, and players might not be happy with what is happening to sprinting.

LEAK: Tactical Sprint Nerfed in Fortnite Chapter 5

According to GMatrixGames, tactical sprint will be nerfed in Fortnite Chapter 5. The sprinting speed multiplier will be reduced from x1.4 to x1.3.

Now, the change might not sound like a huge difference, but sprinting is already not overly fast in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4. Nerfing sprinting will make rotating without a vehicle even harder, especially if Slap Juices and Slap Splashes are removed from the game.

LEAK: Hurdling is Coming Back in Fortnite Chapter 5

GMatrixGames also claims that hurdling is coming back in Fortnite Chapter 5. According to the statistics provided by the reliable leaker, hurdling will be buffed in its return.

Here's all the changes coming to hurdling in Fortnite Chapter 5, per GMatrixGames:

  • Initial distance pushed forward increased from 100 to 140.
  • Manual distance pushed forward increased from 140 to 180.
  • Max floor height increased from 182 to 200.
  • End distance pushed forward decreased from 200 to 155.

Epic Games has not confirmed any of these changes, so stay tuned for any official announcements from Epic Games to confirm or deny the leaks.