Leaks Reveal Details of Canceled Apex Legends Single-Player Game

Respawn Entertainment

Leaks have emerged detailing a canceled single-player Apex Legends game, akin to Titanfall.

Fans with a knowledge of Apex Legends history will know that the battle royale spawned as a spin-off of Respawn's Titanfall franchise. With slightly different gameplay to Apex and a focus on mechs, Titanfall had two main entries into its franchise: Titanfall and Titanfall 2.

Fans had been hoping for a third game for years, but time went by and only Apex Legends emerged. But, it was recently revealed by a leaker that EA had been working on a new single-player experience focused on aspects of Apex Legends and its universe.

A Bloomberg article detailed the leaks, saying, “The canceled project, code-named TFL or Titanfall Legends, was a single-player game set in the universe shared by the Apex Legends and Titanfall games.” 

Other experts pitched in with more info. During a Giant Bomb Twitch live stream Journalist Jeff Grubb said of the project, “Titanfall Legends was not Titanfall 3, because in a lot of people’s minds I think Titanfall 3 was going to be a new, standalone game with a single-player campaign and multiplayer, and they could just never do that again after Apex Legends changed the calculus on all of those things.

“In two weeks from now Apex Legends is going to get team deathmatch, and that was always part of a plan to turn Apex Legends into this platform where you could get all kinds of different shooter experiences from an expanded Apex Legends / Titanfall world."

The game would have been a tie-in between Apex Legends and Titanfall, with players assuming the role of Blisk from Titanfall and meeting characters from Apex throughout the game.

Grubb continued, saying, "Titanfall Legends would be a single-player campaign inside of this platform, in the same way Call of Duty works where you get Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone is right there as well.”

Fans of both Apex Legends and Titanfall will no doubt be disappointed by the news of the game's cancelation, particularly given the absence of Titanfall in recent years. But, perhaps fans can take some solace knowing that this canceled project wasn't Titanfall 3. Whether or not that third installment will ever materialize remains to be seen.