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Legends of Runeterra Announces 10th Region, 2021 Roadmap

Bandle City is the 10th region in Legends of Runeterra
Bandle City is the 10th region in Legends of Runeterra / Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Riot Games finally announced the long-awaited 10th region for Legends of Runeterra on Tuesday, alongside a roadmap for what's to come in the rest of 2021.

Players have known for a while now that Runeterra is missing its 10th and final region, and there has been plenty of lively debate on which one it'll be. Now, two weeks before the next expansion is set to release, Riot settled the question with a video introducing the new region, Bandle City, and what they have planned for the rest of the year.

Legends of Runeterra Announces 10th Region, 2021 Roadmap

In the video, Riot confirmed the next expansion will feature Bandle City and is called "Beyond the Bandlewood." The expansion is set to release in two weeks' time, during Patch 2.14.0 in August.

This decision seems to be great news for some players and disappointing for others. Riot reassured players that even though Ixtal and the Void won't be added to Runeterra, every champion from League of Legends will be added to the game and find a home in the region that makes the most sense for them.

Legends of Runeterra release schedule
Release schedule for next expansion / Photo courtesy of Riot Games

The new expansion will feature four total releases, including a special release in November alongside "a major PvE event unlike anything we've tried before." The two releases following that will occur in December and February of next year.

Aside from the expansion, Riot announced a new, upgraded Lab of Legends mode called The Saltwater Scourge, which takes players on a RPG-like journey ending in a boss battle with Gangplank. This is Runeterra's most expansive PvE mode yet, and it's already live and available for all players to try out as of Patch 2.13.0.

Legends of Runeterra Lab of Legends The Saltwater Scourge
Photo courtesy of Riot Games

A more detailed roadmap for the rest of 2021 also outlines the releases and events to come, including an expansion event pass in August, the Legends of Runeterra World Championships in September, and Battle Academia skins in October.

Whether you're a competitive player or a casual player who wants to enjoy PvE, it seems Legends of Runeterra has something in store for everyone. Keep on the lookout for teasers of the next set, and an upcoming update on balance patches.