Legends of Runeterra Sentinels of Light Event Explained

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

The Sentinels of Light event began on July 14 in Legends of Runeterra, introducing two new champions, a "Declare your allegiance" event pass, and plenty of new cosmetics. Players can decide whether they side with Akshan and the Sentinels, or Viego's haunting conquest.

The event runs from July 14, 1:00 pm ET to August 11, 1:00 pm ET. Here's a breakdown of everything you need to know about the event - including the event pass, cosmetics, and more.

Legends of Runeterra Sentinels of Light Event Explained

Sentinels of Light: Event Pass and Rewards

The first time you log into the event, you'll be asked to side with either the Sentinels or the Ruination. This will decide which cosmetics you'll earn first on your event pass.

No matter which side you choose, you'll be able to earn all major rewards of both sides, including icons, emotes, guardians, and card backs, plus a copy of the champion you sided with and its prismatic version. You can find a list of all event pass rewards on the event overview page.

Advance your event pass by completing missions and earning Crests. Each side has a primary mission chain, and weekly Epic quest chains will unlock as the event progresses. There is also a repeatable mission that'll reward you for either completing a task, or simply winning matchmade or AI games. Your first PVP win each day will also net you 2 Crests.

Legends of Runeterra Sentinels of Light event pass
Purchase the event pass to earn premium rewards / Photo courtesy of Riot Games

To earn premium rewards, you can buy a Premium Event Pass in the store for 975 Coins. If you purchase the event pass before July 28, you'll receive an exclusive quest that rewards 10 Crests and a Rare Prismatic Chest.

A non-canonical community battle will track the number of Crests earned by each side, and determine the winning team at the end of the event. You can keep track of the battle here.

The event is also part of the Sentinels Initiative, a charity drive for the Riot Games Social Impact Fund. Every event pass level players complete contributes a point toward the Charity Drive Pool. For every million points players contribute across all of Riot's games, Riot will donate an additional $100k in addition to the initial $1M.

Sentinels of Light: New Cosmetics

The event features seven new champion skins, themed after Sentinels or Ruination:

  • Sentinel Irelia (with alternate level-up animation) - 1,290 Coins
  • Ruined Karma - 700 Coins
  • Unbound Thresh - 700 Coins
  • Sentinel Diana - 700 Coins
  • Ruined Shyvana - 700 Coins
  • Sentinel Riven - 700 Coins
  • Ruined Draven - 700 Coins
Legends of Runeterra Sentinel Irelia
Sentinel Irelia / Photo courtesy of Riot Games

This event also introduces board chromas - variations of color and design for a single board. Players can purchase the Sentinel Sanctuary board in the Store for 1,290 Coins, or any of its three chromas: Amethyst, Citrine, or Pearl.

Players can choose to purchase the Hope and Ruin bundle, which includes all seven champion skins and their champion cards, for 6,831 Coins, prorated for any items already owned. The Light's Haven bundle, including the Sentinel Sanctuary board and all three of its chromas, is also on sale for 2,675 Coins, prorated for items already owned.