Lifeline and Loba Received Secret Buffs in Apex Season 15

Respawn Entertainment

Both Lifeline and Loba appear to have received some decent buffs, but it wasn't mentioned in the patch notes for Season 15.

Apex players are already familiar with the blue Support Bins found dotted around the maps. They often contain some rare loot and supplies for Legends to get their hands on, but Lifeline has always gotten some special treatment when it comes to the bins.

Lifeline players have always been able to access more loot via special compartment found on these Support Bins. In Season 15, Respawn have reworked the Support Bins according to some early footage.

It seems that Support Bins can now only be opened by Support Legends which, at the time of writing, limits this to only Lifeline and Loba. Players using any other Legend will no longer have access to this extra loot.

So why is this a buff? Well, there's now less competition for the Support Bins. If you find yourself in an area with the bins but you're not playing either Loba or Lifeline, then you're out of luck. But if you are, then you and your team now have a slight advantage and can clear areas out of loot.

It's unclear whether or not Lifeline's secret compartment has been kept, or if Loba now has access to it as well.

It seems like too big of a change to have been left out of the patch notes for Season 15, and Respawn have yet to address this rework.