Is Lillia League of Legends' Next Champion?

Is Lillia League of Legends' Next Champion?
Is Lillia League of Legends' Next Champion? | Image via Riot Games

A recent Public Beta Environment leak might have revealed Lillia as League of Legends' newest champion.

An item named "Lillia's Haiku" was added to the PBE on Tuesday. The item's artwork appeared to be a token featuring some sort of flower. The item's description said it would be openable on at 3 p.m. ET July 22.

Lillia's Haiku is reminiscent of Sett's Calling Card, which was rewarded to players after racking up a certain amount of first blood kills and rewarded players with the new champion for free. All signs point to Lillia's Haiku rewarding players with the new champion, however, it is unclear what players will have to do to be rewarded with the item.

Lillia League of Legends Champion

Lillia is widely speculated to be a jungler, as she fits the description of the dreamy jungle champion Riot Games hinted at in their June 2020 Champion Roadmap. Her kit seems to revolve around some sort of sleep mechanic and Riot has also hinted that she will have some sort of deer-like appearance.

She figures to be one of League of Legends' whimsical champion designs in the vein of Neeko, Zoe, or Yuumi. In a January Developer Update, Riot's Reav3 explained that the team had trouble deciding whether Lillia would be a "team fight focused bruiser" or an "agile, prancing assassin." In the June 2020 update, Reav3 revealed that the team has decided the new champion would be a "midrange skirmisher [who] frolic[s] in and out of the fray."

League of Legends New Champion Leak

All signs point to Lillia being released as League of Legends' newest champion during a mid-summer event on July 22. Expect Lillia to be unveiled in the coming weeks and added to the PBE shortly after.