LoL Identity Customization and Challenges Explained

Withered Rose Zeri Skin
Withered Rose Zeri Skin / Photo courtesy of Riot Games

The League of Legends identity customization and challenges systems were explained in Riot Games' Season 2022 livestream Friday morning. Here's everything you need to know about identity customization and challenges in League of Legends.

For the past few months, Riot had been testing out a new challenges system in PBE and has been redesigning ranked borders in order for this new feature to go live in the game this year. Last year, Riot noticed that many players wanted to show off their accomplishments but were unable to unless they played ranked Summoner's Rift.

Therefore, Riot has created a new in-game lobby banner that will allow players to show off three challenge accomplishments of their choosing and any previously unlocked level or ranked borders, any new ranked crests, or titles.

LoL Identity Customization and Challenges Explained

Along with players being able to freely choose how they'd like to customize their profile; new borders, icons and titles can be unlocked with the challenges system. The challenges system was created for players to reach new accomplishments for their skills in a way other than ranked Summoner's Rift.

Challenges are under five categories that go along with ranked crests. When completing more challenge missions under one category, the rank of that category will go up from Iron to Challenger. The more missions completed under one category, the higher a player's rank will go up in that category.

The challenges system rank is still completely separate from the classic Summoner's Rift rank, but is a new and fun way for all players to receive rewards and be able to show off their accomplishments.