Long Queue Times League of Legends: What's Causing it

League of Legends players are currently experiencing long queue times.

Having to wait for long queue times for League of Legends may be as frustrating as the game play itself. There are several reasons why long queue times happen, but it may just be a server issue that Riot Games has to fix.

Long Queue Times League of Legends: What's Causing it

Long queue times in League of Legends is caused because there are not enough people to match with you. The game client automatically calculates people in the queue with those at a similar gameplay level. Here are a few reasons why not enough people are in queue to match with you:

  • High MMR
  • Time: too early, too late, etc.
  • Unpopular game mod: flex, event modes 
  • Popular lane role

There are fewer people with high MMR, which is why high ranked queue usually takes longer and also the reason a lot of League of Legends streamers play on smurfs. The same logic applies to Flex queues. If you try to find a game as a two or three party in Flex, it may take more than 10 minutes.

League of Legends Clash Poster
League of Legends Clash Poster / courtesy of Riot Games

Yet a lot of players have recently reported that queue time for League of Legends have been exceptionally long. Riot Games has not made an official statement about the issue. If this keeps happening, the developers will have to take a look into this.