‘Looting-While-Moving’ Apex Legends Console Trick Explained

Photo by Respawn Entertainment

PC players in Apex Legends have long had the luxury of being able to loot death boxes while moving, whereas console players have a harder time performing such a technique. Thinking that this handy trick might come to console players is a waste of time, as Respawn Entertainment has admitted it's a glitch that they will not change or add for console players.

As this leaves console players at a disadvantage — since moving while looting is a pretty handy skill to utilize in Apex — player JustAnotherPita has found a way for players on consoles to move while looting. It's not perfect, but it’s as close to getting the job done as possible.

Console Trick for Apex Players

Apex players on a controller need to be on the lookout for death boxes near a zipline. By simply grabbing a few items in a death box, players can be ready and equipped before it becomes out of range. Specifically grabbing some shields can be a lifesaver move in Apex.

As JustAnotherPita states, “For us controller players, it’s a great ‘move while loot’ solution.”

Many controller players have confirmed the trick is possible, but it's very hard to achieve considering that death boxes may close faster than players can gather all the items. Another worry is that this is a very situational case, meaning it can only happen in a few corners of certain maps and is not accessible for all controller players. Only at the right place and at the right time can this feature work.

Of course, it’s not exactly like the ‘looting-while-moving’ trick that many PC players utilize constantly, but it is as close as controller players are going to get with the glitch. And who knows, this new trick, when worked with a little more, could be the ultimate deciding factor for controller players when it comes to the fast-paced playtime of Apex.