Lost Ark Chaotic Chuo: Where to Find and How to Defeat the Boss

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The Chaotic Chuo is one of Lost Ark's toughest available Field Bosses; a Chinese-inspired Lion beast that is extremely powerful and tough to beat. Luckily, we have a guide on where to find the Chaotic Chuo and how to defeat it.

Here's everything you need to know before your encounter with the Chaotic Chuo in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark Chaotic Chuo: Where to Find

The Chaotic Chuo can be found in the Spring of Echoes at Melody Forest (Annika) as part of a limited-time Raid event. This event rotates every two to three days, with the boss having a large respawn time between defeats.

How to Defeat Chaotic Chuo in Lost Ark

First and foremost, you need to defeat the original Chuo before you can successfully battle the Chaotic Chuo. Until you do so, the Chaotic Chuo will be invulnerable.

Once you have a high level of items and have defeated the original Chuo, you can begin your hunt for the Chaotic Chuo. The Chaotic Chuo will likely have the same powers as the original beast you slew, just more powerful:

  • The Chuo will rear up on its hind legs and create purple portals on the ground. These explode when he returns to all fours and you'll need to avoid them or face huge damage.
  • It creates an area in front of him then sends an energy blast at players.
  • The creature will jump and drop down, dealing moderate damage and pushing players away.
  • It charges up and releases six energy balls that deal moderate damage.
  • It again charges up, dealing three separate AoE attacks in three rings. Don't get caught in one or you'll be pushed into the next.
  • A straight line will appear in front of the Chuo which it will then charge along.
  • It jumps away, then pushes spikes up from the ground, instantly killing those in its immediate area.

Following its patterns, you should be able to defeat the Chaotic Chuo. Defeating the creature will net you an Adventurer’s Tome Reward, an objective, and a selection high-level items. Of these items, one is guaranteed to be of Epic rarity.

We wish you and your party good luck in defeating the Chaotic Chuo beast in Lost Ark.