Lost Ark Could Not Connect to Game: How to Fix the Issue

Image courtesy of Smilegate
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Lost Ark players are dealing with a "Could Not Connect to Game" error message and we're here to see if there is a fix.

With Lost Ark's recent release, it has come out to both positive praise, and criticism regarding some frustrating issues, from its character creation issues to its infamous poor connection issues.

With many disappointed players unable to get on, though, the connection issues are the most prevalent and annoying. Despite the issues plaguing the game, Smilegate has done its best to remedy the situation as much as possible. That being said, here are a few ways to strengthen your connection to the game, should you find yourself plagued with a poor connection.

Lost Ark Could Not Connect to Game: How to Fix the Issue

While this first idea isn't a revolutionary, nor exciting idea, sometimes the best thing you can do is just patiently wait for a while. Lost Ark has become a surprise hit, so much so that it's had to get new servers in Europe just to run it properly. Even then, there have still been hiccups and lost connection times, so this is a situation where it just takes time to fix. While they're frustrating, the issues are being resolved, but coming from a smaller studio it takes time. You can check out Lost Ark's Twitter page for information and updates regarding possible server issues and maintenance shutdowns.

The next best thing after looking on the official Twitter is to double-check everything on your end. First, close out of Steam and Lost Ark, and then fire it back up again. After that, turn off your internet and turn it back on, then do the same for your computer. If that doesn't work consider restarting your whole internet modem. Should the problem still persist, and you notice other internet devices suffering issues as well, either call your internet service provider or check their social media page for issues, as it may be a local issue rather than Lost Ark's one.