Lost Ark Lawmaker Skin Set: How to Get

Northern Lawmaker Skin preview
Northern Lawmaker Skin preview / Photo courtesy of Smilegate

For players who pre-order specific Lost Ark Founder's Packs, Smilegate promises to dish out a random Lawmaker skin. Lost Ark doesn't fully release until Feb. 11, but players are able to pre download the game as well as purchase special Founder's Packs which contain exclusive in-game content.

Lost Ark has been out since 2019 but was only released in South Korea. The MMORPG has finally made its way to North America after three years and will release in a few days. The game revolves around the world of Arkesia where players can customize their own class of characters, fight demons and search for the lost ark.

Lost Ark has gained a lot of popularity since the pre download was released. Players have been quick to play the adventure MMORPG and currently has overwhelmingly positive reviews on Steam.

Lost Ark Lawmaker Skin Set: How to Get

Along with being able to battle new monsters and exploring the world of Arkesia, an MMORPG wouldn't be an MMORPG without in-game content. Players are able to obtain exclusive skins, mounts, pets, weapons and more in Lost Ark.

Smilegate has released a few screenshots and video trailers of a few different skin sets in Lost Ark. One set that players may have seen already is the Lawmaker skin set. Each class or character has their own Lawmaker skin/

The Lawmaker skin set can be obtained by purchasing either the Gold or Platinum Founder's Pack which also contains other exclusive in-game content. However, each pack contains only one random Lawmaker skin. Each skin is unique and does not necessarily follow a theme which is different from other skin sets.