Madden 22 'Face of the Franchise' Changes in the New Release

EA Sports has introduced some changes to its Face of the Franchise mode—based on player feedback.
EA Sports has introduced some changes to its Face of the Franchise mode—based on player feedback. / EA Sports
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EA Sports has introduced some changes to its Face of the Franchise mode in Madden 22—based on player feedback.

Dubbed by the company as "United We Rise," players who start the Face of the Franchise follow an NFL draft on their journey through their professional careers. Players can pick and choose their subdivision, class, and make intricate decisions that result in different rewards for every playthrough. By the end, their story will determine just where they end up in the rankings and what team they finally call home.

Here's what to expect out of Face of the Franchise in Madden 22.

Madden 22 "Face of the Franchise" Changes

Ryan Santos, the Senior Designer Director on Madden 22, explained the mode further in the All-Access trailer currently available on the EA Sports Madden NFL YouTube channel. The trailer, released on July 7, previewed the abilities, choices, and updated visuals players will be able to take advantage of in Face of the Franchise.

By far, the biggest change to the Face of the Franchise mode is the addition of a brand new class: the Linebacker. This is the first time a defensive position has been implemented into this mode—as opposed to the quarterback, halfback, and wide receiver. Each one comes with subdivisions that give the player a unique set of skills and abilities.

Additionally, players will be able to play through the first experience of a college football player through the "Road to the Draft" prologue story. Throughout the mode, players will be presented with choices that can shape their careers, whether it's picking between a charity event and a major game or answering well during interviews.

Other highlighted changes within the All-Access trailer are:

  • New Class Progression System
  • New Multi-Game Scenarios and Gameday Goals
  • New Weekly Side Activity Choices
  • New In-Game Pressure Moments
  • New Career HUB
  • New Career Podcast Coverage
  • Enhanced Season Engine

More information can be found on EA Sports' Madden YouTube channel and on the official Madden site. Madden 22 is available on the Xbox One/Series S|X, PlayStation 4/5, and Google Stadia.

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