Madden 23 Sept. 8 Update Explained

Photo Courtesy of EA Sports
Photo Courtesy of EA Sports / Photo Courtesy of EA Sports

For the first time since launch, Madden 23 finally has gotten a new update. So today, let's talk about the Madden 23 Sept. 8 update.

Madden 23 released to the public on Aug. 19, and since then players have spent countless hours getting used to the latest edition of the EA game. While there is no doubt, that this game is better than past additions in the Madden franchise, some tweaks still needed to be made. The update that was released on Sept. 8 addressed some of those main changes.

Madden 23 Sept. 8 Update Explained

There are a few main categories in this update. They have to do with gameplay, franchise mode, the authenticity of the game, and stability fixes. With those four main categories in mind, let's dive in with some specifics.

This update included some tweaks to gameplay that gamers have been talking about since the public beta. An issue with a specific shed-move on defense was adjusted as well as some tuning with the pass-block metrics when it comes to lineman handing off rushers to help prevent defensive players from shedding their blocks so easily.

The game also added some variation in the animations for first-down celebrations. Plus for all those Lions fans out there the Lions playbook has been adjusted to be a 4-3 defense book.

The game fixed issues with franchise mode both online with friends and offline and added some cool new alternate helmets. The team with updated alternate helmets are the Texans, Saints, Bears, Cardinals, Bengals, Panthers and Giants. Adding to the authenticity of the game, rookie likeness updates occurred for many different rookies in the league.

Rookie likeness updates just means that the players' animations were made to look more accurate to their real-life representation. Some of the players that had updates here include Jordan Davis, Jameson Williams, Cole Strange and Charles Cross.

Madden released a major update that fans will want to download before playing again in the coming days. If you want to watch some gameplay and earn some free Madden drops while watching make sure to tune into YouTube tonight.