Mafia 3 Fast Travel: Can You Do It?

Mafia 3 Fast Travel: How to fast travel in the game
Mafia 3 Fast Travel: How to fast travel in the game / 2K Games

Mafia 3 fast travel lack of mechanic has been giving some players a bit of trouble.

Players and fans of 2K Games' crime boss franchise, Mafia, are diving back in with the release of the remastered Mafia: Definitive Edition. There have been several changes made among the installments, including maps, characters, revamps and more. For some players, the hope for new mechanics to bridge old gaps is still holding strong.

Here's what we can tell you about fast traveling in Mafia 3.

Can You Fast Travel in Mafia 3?

Unfortunately, there is no fast travel mechanic included in Mafia III. Due to the Definitive Edition's nature as an update of the original game, the development focused more on high-quality textures, refining pre-existing functions, and expanding on the story.

The classic Mafia III did not include a fast travel. Therefore, the Definitive Edition follows suit. There is no word on whether 2K has plans to include it in a later patch or leave it out all together. As always, there is a possibility of the playerbase demands it strongly enough.

After all, who doesn't enjoy the convenience of fast travel?