Mafia 3 Rob the Cop Bar Mission: How to Complete

Mafia 3: Rob the Cop Bar mission in Verdun and how to complete it
Mafia 3: Rob the Cop Bar mission in Verdun and how to complete it / 2K Games

Mafia 3 rob the Cop Bar mission is one of the more challenging missions in the game.

2K Games' has come forward with its new remaster of the classic crime franchise, Mafia. The new collection has been dubbed the "Definitive Edition" and features changes to the story, map, characters, and more — while keeping the fan-favorite elements and missions from their original titles.

One such mission is robbing the bar in Point Verdun.

Mafia 3: Rob the Cop Bar Mission

The key to this mission is to not overthink it, according to veteran players. When done correctly, players should be able to sneak in, grab the cash, and sneak out without being discovered by the officers.

The mission takes place in Point Verdun inside a bar noted to be popular with police officers. Its up to the player to get the cash and get out relatively unscathed. Unfortunately, due to the high amount of enemies that will just be milling about, using brute force isn't the best way to go.

The simplest way to approach this mission is to head to the alley on the side of the bar. There should be a back door in, which you need to stand just outside of. Whistle to bring the enemies out and take them down out of line of sight. Then, head in the door.

The cash should be easily obtainable from here out.