Mage Mercy Released in Overwatch Anniversary Remix

Mage Mercy.
Mage Mercy. / Courtesy of Blizzard

Mage Mercy is one of six Legendary skins Blizzard has released as part of its first Overwatch Anniversary Remix event, available for players to collect starting April 5.

This year, Blizzard tried a new tack with its event Legendary skins. Rather than design all-new skins, the development team has taken six widely loved Legendary skins from throughout Overwatch's history and recolored them — primarily in white.

Courtesy of Blizzard

Mage Mercy takes Witch Mercy as its base, but transforms Overwatch's resident angel into a white witch. The skin has bright blue and gold accents that are especially noticeable on Mercy's shoes and on the grimoire hanging at her hip.

The five other Legendary Remixed skins include Demon Genji based on Oni Genji, Evermore Reaper based on Nevermore Reaper, Steelhardt Reinhardt based on Blackheart and Stonehardt Reinhardt, White Cat D.Va based on Black Cat D.Va and Zealot Zenyatta based on Cultist Zenyatta.

How to Get Mage Mercy in Overwatch Anniversary Remix

As is typical of event Legendary skins, Mage Mercy can be unlocked through event loot boxes. Those can be earned either through playing the game or by spending real world currency to buy them in bulk. Alternatively, 3,000 in-game coins can unlock the skin directly.

Overwatch Anniversary Remix runs April 5 to April 26.