Marvel Snap Bundles February Bundles: Full List

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Looking to supplement your Marvel Snap card collection? Luckily, the game has some pre-packaged bundles to meet your needs. Here's what's available to purchase in Marvel Snap's store.

Marvel Snap is the Marvel Universe digital collectible card game that's exploded in popularity since it launched in the middle of last year. Its quick matches, recognizable characters and addictive gameplay have given it staying power among the dozens of digital card games released in recent years.

Marvel Snap Bundles February Bundles: Full List

Currently, there are three bundles available for Marvel Snap, according to Marvel Snap Zone.

1. Welcome Bundle

The Welcome Bundle is available to purchase only once and is a good starting point for new players. For $2.99, it comes with 700 Gold (normally worth $9.99), a Captain America Variant, and a Captain America Variant Avatar.

2. Pro Bundle

For those taking the deep dive into Marvel Snap, players can purchase the Pro Bundle for a whopping $99.99. It comes with 12,500 Credits and 155 eight card Boosters.

3. Positively Charged Bundle

This seasonal bundle for Marvel Snap costs 8,000 Gold and comes with 6,000 Credits, 3,000 Collector's Tokens, a Be My Valentine Title and two items themed on Spider-Man villain Mister Negative: A Luca Claretti Variant and Variant Avatar. Mister Negative's unique aesthetic gels well with the Ink Variants that can be acquired as well.

More bundles are coming soon as part of the lead up to Ant Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, the next Marvel movie coming to theaters this month. Be sure to read up on the Patch Notes that Marvel Snap just released bringing balance changes to the game as well.