Masked Man McCree Skin Revealed for Overwatch Anniversary

Masked Man McCree is a new Overwatch skin for the Anniversary event.
Masked Man McCree is a new Overwatch skin for the Anniversary event. / Photo by Blizzard

Masked Man McCree skin was revealed as an Overwatch Anniversary skin on Tuesday when the birthday event went live.

McCree, one of the game's most popular damage heroes in the game, is no stranger to receiving event skins. It feels like for some that it's not an Overwatch in-game event without the hero getting a new skin. Masked Man is only an Epic skin, but it might become a favorite for fans considering the color scheme and little changes.

Here's everything you need to know about the Masked Man McCree skin.

Masked Man McCree Skin

Masked Man McCree sees the hero don a sea green outfit with blue tints given to his trusty revolver. His outfit also brandishes a ranger star signifying that this skin has McCree as a masked officer riding the world of evil. Additionally, to cap off the skin, he's got a Lone Ranger style mask on his face.

Masked Man McCree Price

Masked Man McCree is an epic skin, but the skin is uniquely tied to the Week 3 challenges. It's unknown if the skin will be available for purchase in the Hero Gallery or loot boxes at a later date considering skins such as Rustclad Torbjorn from Archives was only obtainable through the challenges.

Masked Man McCree Skin Release Date

Masked Man McCree was revealed for the launch of Overwatch Anniversary, but the skin itself doesn't go live in the weekly challenges until Week 3.

How to Get Masked Man McCree

Players will have to complete a set of challenges to unlock Masked Man McCree. The challenges are unknown as of writing as Blizzard has yet to confirm what the Week 3 challenges will be for Overwatch Anniversary.