Matt10 Madden 20 Sliders: Everything You Need To Know

Matt10 Madden 20 Sliders are an interesting way to change your settings in Madden 20 to have a more realistic gameplay experience. Here is everything you need to know about Matt10 Madden 20 Sliders.

Matt10 Madden 20 Sliders: Everything You Need To Know

Matt10 is a well-known user on the Operation Sports forums, a gaming forum dedicated to sports games, who has gained notoriety on the forums for game manipulation, or the use of in-game sliders to change how a game is experienced.

The main goal of Matt10's sliders in Madden 20 is to create smoother and logical animations, with the greater goal of having more realistic gameplay in Madden 20.

The most recent version of his sliders for Madden 20 is Version 27, which was posted on Sept. 24.

The most notable change in this version is the drastic change of the Injuries option from 50 to 13. Matt10 looked to manipulate this value to explore the possibility of smoother animations through this option. In his observations, he has found that "by lowering the value, the players seem to be more in-sync with their task and the animation supports this... [producing] some really great interactions all over the field."

Players that wish to use Matt10's sliders can do so by importing them through the Import Custom Sliders in the Franchise (which can be found by following the path CFM > Settings > Gameplay Sliders > Import Custom Sliders). However, he reccomends that players modify their settings as listed in his forum post before doing so to prevent discrepancies in your settings.

You can find the full list of sliders and more in-depth explanation of Matt10's process and reasoning behind creating the sliders as well as a full log of updates to his sliders here.

Photo Courtesy of EA Sports