Minecraft Dungeons All Bosses Detailed

How to defeat all of the bosses in Minecraft Dungeons.
How to defeat all of the bosses in Minecraft Dungeons. / Photo by Mojang Studios

Minecraft Dungeons All Bosses will be important to know if you want to defeat the game's most challenging enemies. Here are all of the bosses in Minecraft Dungeons and how to deal with them. There are spoilers ahead, so read on with caution.

Minecraft Dungeons All Bosses Detailed


The Evoker is the first boss-type enemy you encounter in the game. They will summon minions to attack, and turn the ground against you by creating pincers that spring out. Use ranged attacks to keep out of the pincer's attack pattern.

Redstone Golem

This guy looks intimidating, but it's easy to dispatch. You won't be able to take it in a close quarters fight, so keep at distance and hit it with ranged attacks. It'll go down pretty quickly.


These creepy dudes will teleport and chase after you. Luckily, if you keep moving you'll be able to get out of it's range when it reappears to attack. This is also the chance to hit it with a melee attack, and you can also shoot it with a ranged attack when it's chasing you. Glaives are useful here.

The Nameless One/The Necromancer

The Nameless One can summon undead minions and doppelgängers of itself. Its primary attack is an energy blast that deals a ton of damage if it connects. When it creates clones, they will circle you. The fakes can't be damaged, and will only go away if you hit the real thing. Don't let the summons pile up, and keep your wits as you take on the clones.

Redstone Monstrosity

This jacked Golem uses shockwaves and magma to attack, making melee strategies difficult and ranged attack expensive. The best way to deal with the Redstone Monstrosity is to set off the pillar on the battlefield. Lure it into the blast range, and set them off for massive damage.


Arch-Illager is the final boss of the game. He will summon and enchant other mobs to attack you, first with a wave of Vindicators and then a Redstone Golem. Take care of it like the other golems you've fought. The Arch-Illager will then summon three Crossbow Illagers. Getting through them will transform the Arch-Illager into the true final boss.

The Heart of Ender

The true final boss is a six-legged Endeman. It will fire projectiles and lasers at you, and you'll just have to learn the attack patterns and dodge accordingly. Attack it when there's an opening, and play more defensively. It'll go down with some patience.