Minecraft Dungeons Best Build: What is it?

Minecraft Dungeons best builds for each play style.
Minecraft Dungeons best builds for each play style. / Mojang Studios, Double Eleven

Minecraft Dungeons best build helps you grow your character to be the most unstoppable powerhouse they can be.

Since the release of Mojang Studios' spin-off dungeon-crawler, Minecraft Dungeons, players have been examining the game in detail to get the most out of their time. From level cap to secret content, Minecraft fans are literally mining the game for the best gear and strategies to take them to the top. It should be noted, of course, that some builds perform better with certain play styles than others. Make sure you're building the right character for you.

Minecraft Dungeons Best Build

There are several different paths you can walk down while building your character.

If you're interested in damage you'll most likely be looking for heavy weapons and durable armor in the form of claymores, gauntlets, mercenary sets, and heavy crossbows. Anything along these lines will help you pack a punch and possibly keep you from glass-cannoning yourself to the Nether and back. Pair with agility items that have swiftness or paralyzing items to keep enemies in place for maximum impact.

On the other block-hand, if you're the kind of player who enjoys healing you'll want healing robes and artifacts. Love Medallion works well here, as does the Totem of Regeneration and the ranged weapon Sabrewing. You'll likely be using more magic than melee with this build. Ultimately, your role will be support. You may want to bring along Totes of Shielding for the full support package.

If you're just looking to survive you want to go all heavy. Neglect your speed and armor up with the strongest pieces you can find. You're going to love Highlander armor here with its 30% damage reduction. You could even turn this into a soul-collecting build if you're so inclined with a weapon like the Spirit Bow or Soul Scythe and benefit from the Anima Conduit enchantment.

Those who find themselves picking the stealth armor 99.99% of the time should focus on speed. There are tons of speed enchantments in Dungeons—swiftness is just a single part of the whole, after all—and Light Feather can keep enemies off your tail as you pick off single targets. Pair with a set of daggers or a light crossbow and keep moving.

Animal lovers or self-proclaimed "beast masters" will likely find comfort in Minecraft Dungeons' "animal army" mechanics. There are several items that let you recruit and command a small group of wild animals such as wolves, bats, and even llamas—Spelunker's Armor and Tasty Bone, to name a few. Pair this build with the Hunter's Promise bow to make sure you're in total control of your beasts.