Minecraft Dungeons Map Locations

Minecraft Dungeons map locations throughout the entire game
Minecraft Dungeons map locations throughout the entire game / Mojang Studios, Double Eleven

Minecraft Dungeons map locations are important for those looking to make sure their build pans out properly.

Mojang Studios' newest title, Minecraft Dungeons, the dungeon-crawler based off their immensely popular survival-sandbox game Minecraft, has several areas it tasks its players to go through. Each location requires a different tier of levels and features a unique part in the story to take down the Arch-Illager and his army.

Minecraft Dungeons Map Locations

Your Camp is where the player has set up a home base of operations. Here, they can restore their armor and weapons, change out items for their build, and restock equipment for the road ahead. As they level up, even more spots will become available such as a Blacksmith and Traveling Merchant.

Creeper Woods is the first vast dungeon location to be unlocked, sporting fan-favorite opponents most Minecraft fans will instantly recognize. Creepy Crypt is a unique stone level inside the Woods that features mostly undead mobs such as skeletons and zombies.

Soggy Swamp is another early location that caters to watery enemies. Soggy Cave is this area's unique dungeon level found by following a hidden path—so be sure to explore the entire area before moving on.

Pumpkin Pastures is an intermediate difficulty area that presents itself as a most agricultural set of villages currently under attack by the Arch-Illager's forces. The Arch Haven secret level can found by searching for a pirate ship just off-shore of the Pastures.

Cacti Canyon is a arid, desert biome area that specializes in dusty and rock-based enemies such as geomancers. It's unsurprisingly themed like most old-western cowboy places.

Redstone Mines invokes the underground mining feel most players will recall from their own intricate cart and railway setups beneath the blocky surface of the world.

Desert Temple is a huge above ground structure meant to resemble the long-lost buildings left by an ancient empire hundreds of years ago. As such, you'll likely run into skeletal guardians and difficult necromancers.

Fiery Forge is an complex underground facility in which the Arch-Illager has been constructing his Redstone Golems for his army. Watch out for lava and other angry fire-based enemies.

Highblock Halls is the name of the Arch-Illager's fancy castle fortress. Underhalls is a special hidden level that can be found through the castle's cellars and is full of undead enemies. Additionally, Highblock Halls also has another secret area known as the "Forgotten Prison" which is only available after the player finds a hidden switch located behind a large shield at the bottom of a staircase later on.

Obsidian Pinnacle is the last location in the game. It is the upper levels of Highblock Halls and where the final battle against the Arch-Illager takes place. This is it!

Additionally, some players may be able to find the hidden Cow level by collecting the runes in all of the places listed above. There are nine in total and each one needs to be placed in a special area in the Cathedral to earn entrance to this well-kept secret.