MLB The Show 22 June Monthly Awards: How to Complete Fast

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MLB The Show 22's June Monthly Awards have been revealed and the Lightning Yordan Alvarez has players wanting to complete this program as fast as possible.

Alvarez deserved to be crowned the Lightning player this month thanks to his .418 AVG and .510 OBP. This will definitely be a card that is seen in a lot of lineups for the next few months.

But how can we earn this award? And how can we do it as quickly as possible? That's what we're here for.

MLB The Show 22 June Monthly Awards: How to Complete Fast

Stage 1:

The first step to earning Yordan Alvarez is to make sure that you have completed all of the weekly moments. In total there are 26 moments spread throughout four weeks. Each moment is worth two points. By the end of the missions, you should have 36 total points.

After completing all of the moments you should have all of the Topps Now players. Use those players in the collection which is worth 13 points. By now you should have at least 49 points. Also by now, stage two should be unlocked. Now time to advance to stage two.

Stage 2:

Stage two is where you earn the June TOTM players. Same as in stage one, you will start off by completing missions. There are 11 missions for you to complete, each worth three points. There is one mission for each of the players that earned a TOTM card, plus one for the monthly reward of 96 overall Chris Sale and one for lightning player Yordan Alvarez.

After completing the moments, you will want to focus on completing the missions. The missions will either be specific to a certain player, or they will be broad. The broad missions will require you to use any Topps player or any June TOTM player in your roster. To complete these missions, you must earn a certain amount of the Parallel XP with each of the players. The missions will reward you with a significant number of points for the program. Here's the full list of TOTM Players for June.

Once you have unlocked the cards, there are two collections for you to complete. The first is a required collection for you to unlock stage three. You will need to collect five of the June TOTM cards to earn 15 points. The other collection is optional and you can collect all nine of the June TOTM cards to earn an additional 15 points. By this point, you should be fairly close to unlocking Yordan Alvarez since he is the last reward for stage two.

Stage 3:

Stage three has no effect on earning Alvarez since he is rewarded at the end of stage two. But there are still missions to complete in stage three. Stage three only has two missions that each reward you 10 points. One is to earn 500 Parallel XP with Yordan Alvarez and the other is to earn 2,000 Parallel XP with all of the TOTM players. Stage three is meant for you to earn the rest of the 93 Overall and 95 Overall TOTM players.

The number one tool for getting parallel experience quickly is playing at a high elevation stadium against the computer on Rookie. Rack up a ton of experience against a team like the Baltimore Orioles at Coors Field, a much faster and less stressful way than doing it against real players in Events or Ranked Seasons.